January’s over – what I’ve learned about my 2017 goals.

January's bullet journal plannerMy 2017 goals are out of control. I knew it when I wrote them, but I’m not ready to give them up. This is the year of reclaiming my healthy, creative self and my mother didn’t raise a quitter.

Well that’s a lie. I quit all the time; that’s how I got here. But I’m not quitting yet.

So how an I going?

A few weeks into January, I made a great start on my bullet journal. It looked almost as good as the Pintrest boards I’d be using as inspiration. And then it went unused until this morning. And you know what?

That’s okay.

There seems to be this myth that come the 1st of January you set a goal to change your life in a sometimes massive way, and if you don’t follow through every day immediately, you’ve failed.

Here’s the thing – my 2017 goals are 2017 GOALS. So by December 31st 2017 I want to be living that creative life that I outlined. If in the meantime I make it some months and don’t make it others, that’s cool too.

So if your goal was gym three times a week, and you’ve made it six times in January – awesome. Great start. Don’t give up, just give yourself a 12-month timeline to make that change. If your goal was to save money, and then you splurged in the January sales, that’s cool. You’ve got another 11 months; that’s plenty of time.

For accountability’s sake, here’s how I’m going.

  • 52 Week Photo Challenge: Minimal
    52 Week Photo Challenge: Minimal

    I have not written everyday, but I’ve written every week.

  • It took me 3 weeks to pick up a book, but I’ve finished Four Weddings and a Sixpence and I’ve struggled halfway through my book club book.
  • I have joined a yoga class, and even though I wanted die every time, I’ve still shown up every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • I haven’t done any painting or craft, but I’ve thought about it. That counts, right?
  • I have stayed up-to-date with the 52 Week Photo Challenge, but haven’t done an extra photo.
  • I got work to split my wage into three separate accounts – bills, credit card and spending cash. So far, I’ve kept to budget.


I’m enjoying a nice 5-day staycation, so hopefully you should hear from me tomorrow. Until then

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