The Bookish Days 2017 Reading Challenge

Reading ChallengeIt’s often that I get to the end of the year, take a moment to reflect on what I’ve read and realised that a) I didn’t read enough and b) I read too much of the same thing. Joining a book group helped with this when I lived in Melbourne. 2015 was a great year for my reading diversity. 2016? Not so much.

A new city, new job and same old tendency towards procrastination meant that I read fewer books than ever, and they were all well and truly in my comfort zone.

Therefore I am creating a 2017 Reading Challenge. 30 books feels reasonable to me. I hope to do many more, but I’m also trying to avoid setting my goals to high (which may seem laughable to those who’ve seen my goals for the year).

This challenge may look like it leaves little room for my usual reading fare, but one book may tick several boxes. For example, I plan to read Prince’s Gambit in the next few weeks, which will tick off both an Australian female author (C.S. Pascat), a sequel and a fantasy novel.

Ok… now I’m worried I’ve made it too easy. At least a book over 700 pages will keep me occupied for a long stretch.

If you want to print out a copy of this challenge to record your bookish achievements the link is here.

2017 Reading Challenge

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