2017 – The Year of Getting My Artistic Shit Together

the-year-of-getting-my-artistic-shit-togetherI was born a nomad. With my father a soldier, I grew up moving from state-to-state, never remaining in one place longer than two years. I changed houses, changed schools, changed friends, and as I grew older I changed uni degrees, then jobs as easily as I changed hairstyles—easier than a hairstyle actually. Changing jobs only required faith in my own ability; haircuts required faith in someone else’s. As a lifelong wanderer I didn’t think it was possible for me to get lost.

I was wrong.

Somehow in amongst all that change I stopped doing all the things I loved.  I stopped reading; I stopped writing; I stopped painting. I became a reflection of my former self, seemingly the bookish, artsy nerd-girl when really my life was work, collapse, screw around on the internet, sleep, repeat.

No more.

I’m taking this year to pursue the goals that I’ve always wanted. I will finish my novel this year. I will create a body of artistic work. I will knit bad jumpers and try my hand at crafty things I’ll no doubt mess up at.

I’m putting out my goals for 2017 now, a week from New Year, so that if you want to go on this journey with me, you can get prepared. Setting goals for our Year of Getting our Shit Together is not something we want to throw together hastily at 11pm New Years Eve.

These are the goals that will lead me towards my vision of Zen. If you want to join me on this journey, your goals may be similar, but personalised. If you’re smarter than me, they will be fewer.

Bookish Goals 2017A goal is not enough; my plan to achieve these goals is pretty detailed, and when it’s finished in a few days time (I have a 16 hour car trip ahead of me, so plenty of planning time) you’re welcome to look at it if want to see just how crazy a year I’ve set myself.

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    These are amazing goals! Mine for 2017 haven’t been specifically fleshed out yet (although reading this is very motivating ) but as you know, I am on a similar creative journey. So true what you said about getting lost. It’s losing connection with the things that make your soul sing. That’s my vague guiding light going into this coming year, do more of the things that make my soul sing. I am totally on board with making 2017 the year to get artistic shit sorted. I have been working on that for the last 6 months and am really starting to get clear about what that means for me. (It’s a process ) Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your journey Sam. It’s very inspiring. Xx

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